I thought it would be a good idea to collect some links of blog posts Katie’s friends and readers wrote in response to Henry’s death. I think- at some point in the future- she’ll take some comfort from the kind words shared and the frank and serious conversations Henry inspired.

By the time she gets ready to read these, I wanted them to be easy for her to find. So, I’m putting together this online memory album of blog entries about Henry and his family for Katie to read when she’s ready.

It is quite likely I won’t catch all of them, but I’ll do my best. Please feel free to let me know if there are others you know about.

Katie has been courageous in sharing the story of Henry’s addiction and the events that led to his hospitalization and death. Now, she has taken on the challenge of bravely sharing the raw wound of grief as she also pursues justice in the search for those who assaulted her son. Her courage has inspired words of comfort and support from bloggers across the online spectrum: from the New York Times to small personal journals.

A collection of blog posts penned in the days following Henry’s death follows after the jump.

UPDATE: To date, I have identified and linked to posts on 161 blogs.

For lack of a better system (and to appeal to the librarian who lives in my soul), I have simply alphabetized the entries by the name of their blog.

A tip of the fedora to everyone who helped me (directly or indirectly) gather these links including Michael Silence (No Silence Here), @glynette, and Cathy McCaughan (Domestic Psychology).

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