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That Time I Was On a Podcast or Two

That Time I Was On a Podcast or Two

January 31, 2015 4:15 pmComments are Disabled

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I’ve been negligent in getting around to putting up links to some fun things I was able to do in 2014. Here are a couple of examples for your potential entertainment.

By law, every aspiring comedian must give at least serious thought to starting his or her own podcast. And, I have been giving it some thought, but I’m not quite there yet in the time management skills to pull it off just yet. But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had some fun being a part of watching the comedy podcast scene evolve over the past couple of years. In fact, in 2014, I was even allowed to have cameo guest appearances in a couple of particularly fun podcasts.

Back during the inaugural Scruffy City Comedy Festival (November 2014) in Knoxville, there were opportunities on Friday and Saturday afternoon to sit in as a live studio audience of sorts for various popular comedy podcasts. I enjoyed watching the comics produce these shows on the fly and listening in on the conversations obsessing over topics such as the popular television program Nashville, life in standup comedy, improv comedy, and more.

It was during Dustin Meadows‘ podcast How Have You Not Seen This? that I had an unexpected opportunity to make a cameo appearance as a guest expert on, of all things, the Smokey and the Bandit movie franchise. If you aren’t familiar with Dustin’s podcast, the premise is simple and brilliant: he gathers a group of comedians together to watch a movie they have inexplicably never seen before. For this recording, the featured film was the Burt Reynolds classic, Smokey and the Bandit. Late in the podcast a question comes up from comedian Eliot Rahal about the other movies in the franchise and, the next thing I know, I’m sitting on the stage telling the guys about the entirely forgettable Smokey and the Bandit II and III.

Logo for Dustin Meadows' podcast


The podcast features some of my favorite comics working in East Tennessee and Atlanta today: Matt Chadourne, Tyler Sonnichsen, Eliot Rahal, Hunter Roberts and John-Michael Bond. (This reminds me that I seriously need to convince Matt to get a website up and running at some point. In the meantime, he’s sometimes on Twitter at @MChadourne, when he isn’t running the QED Comedy Laboratory like the benevolent overlord he is.) You can listen to the How Have You Not Seen This? Podcast on PodOMatic via this link or embedded below. It’s good fun.

In December 2014, I was hanging around at the end of a performance by Einstein Simplified, Knoxville’s 20-years-running comedy improv troupe, chatting with the cast when they invited me to sit in on the recording of one of their podcast episodes. As is the custom with Einstein Simplified, all guests on the podcasts are referred to simply as “Steve.” There’s a long story in there, but the point here is that for this podcast, I am Steve.

I got to join in some of the improv fun, but mostly found myself just laughing a lot. We also went in to great detail discussing Megan’s apparently real fantasy of being proposed to in a local convenience market and her well-documented obsession with reality dating shows.

Einstein Simplified podcast logo

This episode is moderated by Aaron Littleton and features troupe members Paul Simmons and Megan Jones (you can learn about their role in Einstein Simplified on the troupe’s bio pages.)

You can listen to the Einstein Simplified podcast episode Nicholasragua (episode #57) on their website.

Thanks to Dustin Meadows and Einstein Simplified for letting me join in the fun in 2014. We’ll see if 2015 is the year I finally carve out some time management to try a little podcasting of my own.

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