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So, No Endorsement, Then?

So, No Endorsement, Then?

October 10, 2015 10:56 amComments are Disabled

Shane for Speaker: We've Had Worse


Earlier this week I decided to throw one of my fedoras into the ring and announced my willingness to serve as Speaker of the House as a compromise candidate. (Shane for Speaker: Because every train wreck needs a drunken engineer.) Granted, offering yourself as a compromise candidate to a group of people dead set against any form of compromise, seems like a fools’ errand. But, I’m a fool and I have some free time, so why not?

I had hoped to reach out to Tennessee’s Congressional delegation to secure some lucrative endorsements for this idea when I discovered this on Twitter:

Congressman John Duncan has blocked me on Twitter

435 members of Congress and the only one to block me on Twitter is my own: Rep. John Duncan, Jr. (R-Agin’ Big Gubmint). So, viva la representative democracy, I guess.

The sad part of all this is that he still sends me that stupid newsletter, but I can’t read all of his great tweets, too? That’s a crime.

Also, I have no honest idea (beyond my general snarkiness on Twitter as a whole) what I did to earn this honor or when I earned it. It could have happened last week or two years ago as far as I know as infrequently as I’ve interacted with his account.

Heck, Rep. DesJarlais (R-Bulk Discount Abortions for Mistresses) hasn’t blocked me and I’ve said some pretty mean (but true) things about him.

So, I guess not only will I not get to send a congratulatory tweet to Rep. Duncan (R-Duncantown) for the 50th consecutive year of his family keeping the designated Duncan seat in Congress warm, I also won’t be able to secure his endorsement in my quest for the Speakership (Shane for Speaker: Maybe No One Will Notice.)

So, the path to 218 votes is still within reach (only 218 votes to go!), but will have to detour around my own home district. It’s not impossible. I mean, Al Gore lost his home state and was still elected president anyway.

Politicians make a lot of empty promises, as the disgruntled members of the Freedom Caucus within the GOP will attest. But, if elected Speaker (Shane for Speaker: We’ve Had Worse), I can make one promise now that I promise will not be broken. I’ll never block a member of Congress from my Twitter account. Even the one from my district.

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