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Sunday at the Festival – Showcase Hosting

Sunday at the Festival – Showcase Hosting

October 29, 2015 2:36 pmComments are Disabled

I’m excited to have two opportunities to host shows at this year’s Scruffy City Comedy Festival. Earlier, I mentioned I’ll be hosting the Ben Kronberg show on Friday night at the festival. But, that’s not all. I’ll also be hosting a stand-up showcase Sunday evening (November 15) at Preservation Pub on Market Square.

Preservation Pub is home to Knoxville’s longest running comedy open mic and, thus, a more than fitting venue for the Scruffy City Comedy festival. It also happens to be the very first place I ever performed stand up comedy for an open mic, but that’s likely an historical designation important only to me. Regardless, I’ve made a lot of comedy friends over the past couple of years at Preservation Pub and I’m looking forward to introducing you to some of them that night, along with a bevy of talented out-of-town comics (who I also hope will become good friends, too).

The line-up for the night includes Tom Emmons, Anthony Desamito, Paige Bowman, Scott Eason, Travis Irvine, Matt Chadourne, Jon Durnell, Genevieve Rice, JC Ratliff, Dustin Meadows, Tyler Sonnichsen, Katherine Jessup, and Jeff Blank. You can take a look at the line-up and a full listing of all their social media links on the Scruffy City Comedy Festival event page for the show.

Tickets for the whole weekend or individual day passes are available on the Scruffy City Comedy website. See you there!

Scruffy City Comedy Festival, Nov 13-15, 2015, Knoxville, TN

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