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Ready for My Close Up

Ready for My Close Up

February 13, 2016 11:08 amComments are Disabled

QED presents Save It for Later - Feb 15, 2016

I’ve slowly started to get brave enough to apply to comedy festivals. My early success rate is about what I’d expect, but I’ll keep plugging away at it. One thing that will help as I move forward with the festival submission process is to have a good quality video of one of my sets.

It’s a problem most comedians have. How to get a good video of a set when there are so many variables at play. You might have a great set with a great audience, but your friend forgot to push record or his thumb is over the lens for half the set. Or, there is someone talking close to the camera’s mic throughout the set, so you end up with a great video of you performing to a soundtrack of someone else’s discussion of last night’s dinner date. Or the whole thing is out of focus. Or you just were landing the punchlines. Or the audience was seated so far way from the stage that it looks like you’re alone in the bar. Or, even though the few people in the audience seem to enjoy the set, the volume of laughter makes it seem as if you are in an empty room. Or, you had a really bad set. Or, you had a really good set but had decided not to try to record tonight’s set because you just knew it wouldn’t go well. Or… Or… Or…

So, while chatting over drinks at an open mic a few weeks earlier, several of us had an idea. Why not put together a showcase of local comics for the express purpose of getting a good high quality video? My friend Matt Chadourne, host and producer of the weekly QED Comedy Laboratory, volunteered his weekly show at the Pilot Light as the site for this idea.

And, so, here we are. It’s the “Save It for Later” show at QED. This Monday night I get to create a video that is a little more festival submission friendly. Ten other East Tennessee comics will also be performing short (5-8 minute) sets, giving the audience a chance see some of the best local comics bring some of their best material to the stage in a single night. Even better, it’s free!

Come on out Monday night as my friends Jeff Blank, Matt Chadourne, Aaron Chasteen, Trae Crowder, Jay Kendrick, Joe Leeper, John Miller, Hunter Roberts, Sean Simoneau, Tyler Sonnichsen, and I perform for you. Matt Ward will be the host. It’s going to be fun!

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