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This Thing Called Life: Remembering Prince

This Thing Called Life: Remembering Prince

April 22, 2016 3:20 pmComments are Disabled

So, Prince died. That’s not cool at all. Not one bit.

I don’t think that it is any exaggeration at all to say he was to my generation (Gen X) what Elvis was to the Baby Boomers. His death, as sudden and shocking as Presley’s own, left me and millions of fans reeling yesterday. I posted a few remembrances over on Facebook and the local weekly paper, The Knoxville Mercury, kindly asked if one of my posts could be included on their blog collecting local writers’ thoughts and memories of Prince.

You can read the whole thing here on the Mercury site. I will add, for the sake of keeping this somewhat connected to comedy that memories number 2, 3, and 5, became the premises for jokes and stories I have been telling on stage for the past couple of years in one form or another. So, they actually had a role in making new memories of their own. But that’s life. A funny word, “life,”…

Purple Rain

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