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What a Joke!

What a Joke!

I’m excited to announce that Knoxville will be participating in the WHAT A JOKE National Comedy Festival taking place on Inauguration weekend in January. The festival is the brainchild of NYC comedians Jenn Welch and Emily Winter and will be taking place in 29 cities across the United States and England (thanks to my friend and former Knoxville comedian Matt Chadourne now living in Oxford, England). Jenn and Emily were featured in a recent interview with the Christian Science Monitor about the What a Joke festival¬†and why it means so much to them (and me and so many others who have asked to join the effort).

Proceeds from the festival will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union, because– hoo boy– are they going to likely need it over these next few years.

Here’s a video to introduce the concept:

Festival sponsor The Knoxville Mercury was kind enough to publish this Q&A about Knoxville’s part in the What a Joke Comedy Festival with me in today’s issue.

I am thrilled by the response so far with 40+ comics pledging to donate their time and talent to perform in Knoxville. What started with a plan for a one-night show has blossomed into full festival mode with comedians (and a few other performers) taking the stage at five venues (and counting) over two nights.

There will be a lot of places to keep up with news about the festival, including the What a Joke National Comedy Festival web site and Facebook page, the What A Joke Knoxville web site, and the RainShine Comedy website and Facebook page.

Let’s do something positive, Knoxville. See you at the festival in January.

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