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Comedian, Host/Emcee, Storyteller, Producer

Shane Rhyne is a reluctant optimist, a "the glass is half-shattered" kind of guy. He has worked previously as a husband, a marketing professional, and a television and radio personality. But that’s all gone, so now he turns personal traumas into jokes for strangers. He uses playful, clean, intelligent comedy as he exposes the bright side of his dark thoughts. He hosts and produces comedy shows in Knoxville. He has been blocked on Twitter by his Congressman, and takes this as a sign his comedy career is going well.
Getting Ready for Some Good Clean Fun at NSFW

Getting Ready for Some Good Clean Fun at NSFW

NSFW Open Mic

My Scruffy City comedy pals Jay Kendrick and Aaron Chasteen have invited me to join them on a trip up to East Tennessee’s Tri-Cities region this week to take part in an increasingly popular comedy show known as NSFW Open Mic Comedy.

Jay has set me up as the featured comedian for this week’s show and I’m looking forward to what he has described as a lively and good time. Actually, he didn’t say it quite like that, but I’m translating it into something closer to what I might say.

So, if you should find yourself looking for entertainment on the first and third Thursdays of the month, I hear that NSFW Open Mic Comedy is the place to be, especially this Thursday (November 19) since that’s when you’ll find me there, too.

Venue Info: The Mecca Lounge, 117 Spring St., Johnson City, TN.

Show time: 10 pm.

And, here’s a picture of Jay and me performing together at QED Comedy Lab just for the heck of it.


Shane Rhyne performs at QED during Hurricane Jay


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Casual Comedy Debuts Tomorrow

Casual Comedy Debuts Tomorrow

It’s the day after a highly successful Scruffy City Comedy Festival (more about that in a later post), but I still have great comedy shows on my mind, especially with the debut of a new monthly show I’m co-producing tomorrow (Tuesday, November 17).

Casual Comedy will kick off at 7 pm at The Casual Pint Craft Beer Market in Hardin Valley this week. I’ll be your host this month and my co-producers, Matt Chadourne, Tyler Sonnichsen, and Sean Simoneau will be our performers for this month.

The Casual Pint has more than 400 craft beers available for you to enjoy. And, if you’re hungry, the next door restaurants Don Gallo and Double Dogs will happily prepare you an order to-go.

We’ll be performing in the private event room, so feel free to bring your friends to the show and help us kick off a new comedy adventure in west Knoxville. There is no cover charge for this show.

For a more detailed background of the show and my co-producing friends, visit this earlier article.

Beginning in December, Casual Comedy will transition to its permanent home on the first Tuesday of the month. So, stay tuned for details soon about the show scheduled for December 1.

Casual Comedy November 17 show


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Find Me at the 2015 Scruffy City Comedy Festival

Find Me at the 2015 Scruffy City Comedy Festival

Scruffy City Comedy Festival 2015

At long last, the Scruffy City Comedy Festival kicks off tomorrow (Friday, November 13) in downtown Knoxville. And, perhaps, you’re one of the handful of people wondering where you might be able to find me either performing or enjoying a show during the weekend. Well, it’s your lucky day, because I’ve included that info for you right here. There may be changes to the schedule here and there during the weekend as festival schedules tend to flex and amend themselves on the fly. So, feel free to follow me on Twitter at @shanerhyne for live updates to my own personal schedule or @scruffycomedy for general updates on the festival. The hashtag for the festival is #SCCF2015, by the way.


Andy Sandford8 pm – Andy Sandford headliner show (Scruffy City Hall, Market Square) – I am fortunate enough to host the first headliner show of the festival starring the hilarious Andy Sandford. Also on the schedule for tonight’s show are Lydia Popovich (San Francisco), Clark Jones (Brooklyn), Jeff Blank (Knoxville, TN), and Carmen Morales (Chicago). You can revisit where I had written about this show earlier on the blog.


10 am-5 pm – Podcast Brunch (The Pilot Light, Old City) – This was one of my favorite events of last year’s festival and I’m excited that it’s back again. I’m not a scheduled performer this year (or last, although I did make a cameo appearance as a Smokey and the Bandit II expert during one podcast), but you can certainly find me in the audience for many of the podcast recording sessions this year, while enjoying a free buffet of a variety of breakfast cereals. I’m especially looking forward to a return visit from Dustin Meadows’ “How Have You Not Seen This?” along with the acclaimed Golden Girls-themed podcast “Thank You for Being a Podcast” hosted by Genevieve Rice and Anthony Desamito. A full schedule of podcasts is on the Scruffy City Comedy brunch article.

(POST-EVENT EDIT: I was excited to learn that I was going to be a guest host of the “How Have You Not Seen This?” It was a lot of fun. A link will be posted when it is ready.)

6pm – The Blue Umbrella Walking Tour of Haunted Knoxville (starts on the stage at Market Square) – The notorious guerrilla comedy event staged by QED Comedy Lab earlier this year returns to downtown Knoxville. Join me and several local and visiting comedians from the festival, under the direction of QED Comedy Lab’s Matt Chadourne, as we lead you on a guided walking tour of downtown unlike any other you’ll ever have. Other comedians scheduled to participate include: Lauren Bencaz (Columbus, OH), Matt Chadourne (Knoxville, TN), Anthony Desamito (Tempe, AZ), Dustin Meadows (Columbus, OH), Lydia Popovich (San Francisco), Hunter Roberts (Johnson City, TN), and Sean Simoneau (Knoxville, TN). We’ll dispense fact-like information about Knoxville’s haunted past and paranormal activities that can’t be found on Wikipedia or any other reputable source of information. It’s free and should last about an hour, getting you back to Market Square in time for the 7 pm shows.


SCCF2015 Festival profile image7 pm – The Upstairs Underground Stand-Up Showcase (Preservation Pub’s 2nd Floor Speakeasy, Market Square) – Back in 2011, Matt Ward launched what would become Knoxville’s longest-running weekly comedy open mic at Preservation Pub’s 2nd floor speakeasy. Tonight, I am honored to host a stand-up comedy showcase for the festival during Upstairs Underground’s normal weekly hours. Join me as I bring to the stage a baker’s dozen of great comedians from around the nation. Scheduled to perform are: Jeff Blank (Knoxville, TN), Paige Bowman (Atlanta), Matt Chadourne (Knoxville,TN), Anthony Desamito (Tempe, AZ), Jon Durnell (Los Angeles), Scott Eason (Huntsville, AL), Tom Emmons (Greenville, SC), Travis Irvine (New York City), Katherine Jessup (Washington, DC), Dustin Meadows (Columbus, OH), J.C. Ratliff (Knoxville, TN), Genevieve Rice (Phoenix), and Tyler Sonnichsen (Knoxville, TN).

So, that’s where you’ll certainly find me as a performer or audience member. But, I’ll be in the audience, too, for plenty of other showcases and events over the course of the weekend. There’s no shortage of events to choose from this weekend with showcases for improv comedy, hilarious experimental audience participation shows like Chris Trew’s “Air Sex Championships,” late night standup showcases, and more. Visit for a full schedule of events and for Scruffy City Comedy Festival ticket information.

See you this weekend, friends! Let’s have fun. #SCCF2015

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Odds and Ends in the Media

Odds and Ends in the Media

Yes, I admit to occasionally Googling my own name. What of it? In my old life of public relations and digital marketing, I’d have probably said it was a good way to keep tabs on how your brand is being portrayed. But, really, it’s mostly for me to find out if there are other people with my name who have to constantly regret all the stuff I’m putting out there.

And, occasionally, you find a few surprises like a media interview you forgot you gave, or a mention in a news article you never even knew about. Here are a couple of samples I unearthed this weekend.


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Formally Announcing – Casual Comedy

Formally Announcing – Casual Comedy

Casual Comedy November 17 show

New Monthly Comedy Showcase for West Knoxville – First Tuesday of Every Month, Beginning December 1, 2015
Debut Show Introduces Casual Comedy Hosts and Producers to Casual Pint-Hardin Valley Patrons on November 17, 2015

If you are reading the Knoxville News Sentinel’s weekly downtown entertainment column from Randall Brown this week, then you already know the cat is out of the bag with a fun new announcement about comedy in Knoxville.

I am thrilled to let you know my partners in comedy crime (Matt Chadourne, Sean Simoneau, and Tyler Sonnichsen) and I are joining forces once again to launch a new monthly comedy showcase for Knoxville-area comedy fans. The show will follow much of the same style and format as our monthly First Friday Comedy Show at Saw Works Brewing in downtown Knoxville.

The new show, Casual Comedy, will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, beginning December 1, at The Casual Pint Craft Beer Market in Hardin Valley in west Knoxville. We’ll be hosting a trial run show on Tuesday, November 17, to introduce ourselves to the bar’s regulars and to set the stage for all the fun to come in December and beyond.

Here’s a description of the show for you:

Casual Comedy, a new monthly stand-up comedy showcase, debuts at The Casual Pint-Hardin Valley (10677 Hardin Valley Rd., Knoxville, TN 37932) on Tuesday, November 17, at 7 pm.

Each month the show will feature smart and inventive stand-up comedy from some of the best touring comedians in the region, as well as rising local stars in the Scruffy City Comedy scene.

The show is curated by a quartet of Knoxville’s leading comedians with an eye toward a quality night of entertainment. Perfect for date night or hanging out with friends, each show will deliver a full night of entertainment, but still not keep you out too late on a work night.

For the November show, our featured performers are the show’s producers. Shane Rhyne, our host for the night, is a regular performer on the Knoxville comedy scene. He is a producer of comedy shows in the area and was a runner-up as Knoxville’s Top Comedian in the 2015 Knoxville Mercury readers’ poll.

Tyler Sonnichsen brings more than a decade of stand-up comedy experience to Knoxville. He has performed at comedy festivals such as the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival and the North Carolina Comedy and Arts Festival. He has produced comedy shows in Washington, DC, as well as here in Knoxville.

Matt Chadourne is best-known in Knoxville as the producer and host of the weekly experimental comedy show QED Comedy Laboratory in Knoxville’s Old City. The QED Comedy Lab was a runner up in the Knoxville Mercury 2015 readers’ poll for best secret and best new entertainment in town. Matt has performed at comedy festivals in Chicago and New Orleans. He was the 2013 winner of the Rocky Top Comedy Contest for best comedian in Knoxville.

Sean Simoneau is a comedian, journalist, and one of the inventive personalities helping bring attention to the Scruffy City Comedy scene as he tours across the southeast. Locally, Sean produces a semi-regular improv/experimental comedy show called Hold the Rich for Ransom.

Sean, Tyler and Shane also co-produce the monthly First Friday Comedy Show at Saw Works Brewing in downtown Knoxville. All four comics are performing at the Scruffy City Comedy Festival in downtown Knoxville from November 13-15.

(EDIT: A food truck will not be available this evening, but you are welcome to BYOF. Don Gallo’s and Double Dogs are both next door to Casual Pint and will happily prepare a to-go order for you.) It’s All So Yummy will be here to nourish you and, of course, We’ll have 400+ of your favorite craft beers ready and waiting for you. There is no cover charge for this show.

Beginning in December, Casual Comedy will be presented at the Casual Pint-Hardin Valley on the first Tuesday of the month.

So, bring your friends on Tuesday, November 17, and get ready for a night of laughter as Casual Comedy comes to the Casual Pint.

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